Safer Environment

By hosting FitCon 2020 outside, it will be a safer environment for all vendors, athletes, and attendees.

Safely Host Thousands Of Attendees

Moving to Electric Park gives us much more space so we can safely accommodate thousands of guests.

More Social Distancing

By moving outdoors, we can easily provide 36 sq ft per guest for thousands of people in the park at once.

Full Scale Advertising Plan

FitCon Utah uses a variety of advertising methods including radio, billboards, TV, news segments, paid social media, print, and many more.


10x10 Booth

Includes Online Expo Reaching Thousands More!
$597 per 10x10 booth

10’x10′ Booth Space

3′ Side Drape

6′ Back Pole For Hanging Banner

4 Exhibitor Passes
*additional badges can be purchased for $10 each

*Does NOT include table or chairs


Entry bag insert

Includes Virtual Expo
(August 21-23 Promotion)

Buy 2021 Get 2020 Free!

Purchase a FitCon 2021 Booth & Get Outdoor Edition FREE!
$1,197 per 10x10 booth

10’x10′ Booth Space

3′ Side Drape

8′ Back Pole For Hanging Banner

4 Exhibitor Passes
*additional badges can be purchased for $10 each

*Does NOT include table or chairs


Entry bag insert

Includes Virtual Expo
(August 21-23 Promotion)

10’x10′ Booth Space For FitCon 2021
Free 10’x10′ Booth Space For FitCon 2020 Outdoor Edition!

Email ashlan@fitcon.com with any questions about booths.

*Placement is guaranteed once exhibitor has confirmed location with FitCon Rep. Guaranteed locations are on a first come first serve basis.

*Exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own printed material.

Exhibitor FAQ's

Learn More About FitCon Outdoor Edition With Our FAQ’s Below

Should I bring a tent?

We HIGHLY suggest bringing a shade tent for your booth, this will help make it cooler and provide shade. It will be hot and sunny, bringing a tent will help you stay cool.

What safety measures will be taken?

  • FitCon will temperature & symptom check all attendees, vendors, and athletes prior to entry. .
  • Masks are recommended but not required.
  • We will have 15 ft isles throughout the Vendor Village
  • We will have a minimum of 36 sq ft per guest for plenty of social distancing
  • We will have a separate que line and entry for those who are considered high risk plus in addition, you will be able to experience FitCon online if you do not feel comfortable attending

Are vendors required to wear a mask?

We prioritize the health and safety of attendees and vendors. Masks are highly recommended but not required.


Are vendors allowed to sell food?

Yes, sampling and food sales will be allowed, however you are required to wear a mask and follow proper PPE guidelines.

How many people/employees are allowed in my booth?

We encourage the practice of social distancing and therefore recommend that no more than 2 employees are in the booth at a time.

Is FitCon limiting the number of attendees?

By moving outdoors to Electric Park, this will allow us to have thousands of attendees while still maintaining the 36 square foot per person requirement.

What are the cleaning requirements and will supplies be available?

We are requesting that each booth clean their public space every thirty minutes to maintain a clean environment. We are also requesting each vendor clean their payment systems after each transaction. Please BRING YOUR OWN supplies to clean. Each surface and device is different and we suggest you bring what works best for you.

What happens if it rains?

We are still having the event!

We HIGHLY recommend having a shade tent that would double as rain protection in case of inclement weather. As we are outdoors, please be prepared for any sort of weather conditions.

Will there be security overnight?

We will be locking all gates and entry points into Electric Park every night. We will also be providing security guards that will be watching over the park and its contents. FitCon is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged goods and therefore, we highly recommend taking anything valuable with you at the end of each day.

Are set up and take down times the same?

Event set up will be Thursday August 20th, 10am-8pm. Take down will be Saturday night after the event.

If any additional times or dates are added, vendors will be notified

Will food and water be available at the venue?

Both food and water will be sold at the event. We suggest having your own drinks in your booth as it will most likely be a warm August weekend.