Powerlifting IPL World Cup

FitCon has become the home for the USPA Powerlifting World Cup since 2015. Every year the World’s elite powerlifters convene at the FitCon Summit in the Salt Palace, and compete for cash prizes and bragging rights.

This Pro Invitational has one of the highest monetary pay-outs in Powerlifting and has built a prestigious reputation that reaches the pinnacle of the sport. It is not uncommon to witness “all-time” world records set at this event, among other spectacular feats by some of the world’s strongest strength athletes.

Friday & Saturday All Day

FitCon Utah

included with General Admission

Chris McGrail
Director, FitCon World Cup Chairman, USPA Utah Powerlifting
Email: Cmcgrail1978@gmail.com
Ph. Number: 801-386-6122

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