MANDATORY CHECK-IN: Mandatory check in/set-up is on Friday, June 10th, from 10am-8pm. We will send you an email this week for you to sign up for a load in time slot. When you come on Friday during your time slot to set-up please find either Ashlan or I prior to setting up so you can check in, find your booth location, and start setting up for your booth! This is MANDATORY, if there are any issues, let us know.

**Friday will be the only day you will be able to drive up to your booth to unload.

ENTRY BAG INSERTS: If you are putting inserts into our attendee swag bags, please bring those with you on Friday when you come to check in. Our volunteers will be stuffing the bags that night. We are planning on having about 250 bags!

ELECTRICITY/POWER: If you purchased a Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Power Sponsorship, you will have access to basic power. Non Sponsor Exhibitor Booths will not be able to order power day or event and/or have access to an outlet. You may bring your owner generator or power source.

SHIPPING: You can ship product directly with GEMS or to your hotel. But there is no shipping directly to the venue. Please email for information regarding this.

FOOD SAMPLING: If you are planning on sampling food and/or drinks from something that is ‘pre-packaged’, you do not need a health permit. However, if you are preparing food onsite and it is ‘non packaged’, then you will need to get a temporary health permit.

HOTEL: We have a host hotel that we have blocked out rooms with. It is close to the venue. You can find info on it and book it here:

SECURITY: We will have overnight security on Thursday night & Friday night. HOWEVER, it is still an open park without any cameras so please don’t leave anything extremely valuable overnight. FitCon is not liable for anything stolen but we will provide security.

DAY OF EVENT: Please be at your booth and completely ready to go 30 mins before the event starts each day. Please have someone always manning your booth through-out the event. DO NOT take down your booth before the event ends.

TENTS/CANOPY: We HIGHLY recommend getting a tent for your booth if you haven’t gotten one already! There is a chance it could be hot and having a tent is a huge help. If you do bring a tent, it is mandatory that you bring sandbags or stakes to hold it down.

EVENT ADDRESS: Panther Island Pavilion: 395 Purcey St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

EXHIBITOR ENTRANCE: 1090 Calvert St. Fort Worth, Texas 76102


VENDOR PARKING: We will have free vendor parking on site. Please see diagram below.


DISCOUNTED TICKETS FOR FAMILY & FRIENDS: We created a promo code for all of you to share with your family and friends giving them $5 off tickets. Tickets can be purchased here: and the promo code is “FITCON5”.

ADDITION VENDOR BADGES: Your booths come with 4 vendors badges per 10×10. If you need to purchase more for your employees, they are $10 and you can buy them here: This is for people working your booth ONLY. Not family and friends.

ICE: You will need to provide your own ice. There will be nowhere onsite to purchase ice from.