Competition/EventFriday Start TimeSaturday Start Time
Armored Combat Worldwide6:00 PMx
Day of the Dead5:00 PMx
Executive Fight Nightx3:00 PM
FitCon ClassicAll DayAll Day
MMA Fight Night7:00 PMx
Muay Thai FIghtsx11:00 AM
ParkourAll DayAll Day
PowerliftingAll DayAll Day
Strongman 5:00 PMAll Day
Sumo WrestlingxAll Day
Water ParkAll DayAll Day
High Fitness Classx10:30 AM
Heidi Powell Fitness Classx11:30 AM
FitCon Games7:00 PMx
Kids Zone & Water ParkAll DayAll Day
Strong Is The New Sexy Panelx3:00 PM
Strong As F$%! Panelx1:00 PM
Olympia Champion Panelx4:00 PM
Social Media Marketing Panelx5:00 PM
100K Your Fitness Business Panelx2:00 PM
Competition/EventFriday Start TimeSaturday Start Time
Arm Wrestlingx10 am
Armored Combat League7 pm3 pm
Axe Throwing2 pm10 am
Day of the Dead Deadlift5:30 pmx
Executive Fight Nightx6 pm
Fencing2 pm10 am
FitCon Classic (crossfit)5 pm8 am
Grappling3 pmx
Healthy Food Court2 pm10 am
Salt City Showdownx10 am
Indoor Highland Gamesx10 am
MMA6 pmx
Kick Boxing (Muay Thai)x11 am
Natural Stones2 pmx
Parkour2 pm10 am
Powerlifting World Cup2 pm10 am
Strongmanx10 am
Sumo Wrestling6 pm10 am
Table Tennis2 pm 10 am
GuestsFriday Start TimeSaturday Start Time
Cass Martin5 pm1 pm
Dana Linn Bailey5 pm11 am
Diesel Davex3 pm
Heidi Powell5 pm1 pm
Jay Cutlerx12 pm
Rob Bailey 5 pm11 am
The Muscle5 pm3 pm
Brian Shaw6 pm3 pm
Paige Hathaway5 pm1 pm
Brooke Ence5 pm12 pm
Flex Lewis5 pm12 pm
Mike Rashid5 pm12 pm
Big BoyGenerally All DayGenerally All Day
Jason Poston5 pm2 pm