Tyler Cartwright, founding member of Ketogains, LLC (ketogains.com), shares his incredible journey back to good health and fitness, and the many ways that his keto-focused company can help people reach their fitness and health goals more efficiently. Cartwright is walking proof of the benefits that are available through the Ketogains’ methods for he began his path back to good health at 505 pounds. Together with the support of his wife who had reached 300 pounds herself, they have found success over the past decade, both having reduced their weight significantly through diet and exercise. Cartwright has successfully stayed within 10 pounds of his current weight of 205 pounds and his wife, now down to only 160 pounds, has maintained her new weight for several years thus far.

Cartwright discusses the origins of the ketogenic diet. He and his Ketogains’ partners observed that while keto was not a new concept, as weightlifters and bodybuilders have long been using it to cut weight and meet goals, it was not, however, is properly introduced as a means to better health and fitness for the non-athlete. He delves into the various diets, from paleo to keto, vegan to vegetarian, and discusses their individual merits, frameworks, and strategies to success. Additionally, he discusses micronutrients, the advantages of taking in a sufficient amount of protein, and the benefits of chewing and digestion. And he explains how many have misinterpreted the ketogenic diet, making the assumption that keto means ‘eat as much as you want’ when it simply does not, for as he states, caloric intake still matters.

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