Thaddeus runs Thaddeus Tomorrow, a biohacking channel built on bringing you ancient secrets and occult (hidden) health practices based on Nature. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, Holistic Nutrition, and has spent years in self-experimentation and biohacking to quantify what really works.

I’ve done my time in the “real world” making my way through Engineering school and playing the role of corporate employee for large manufacturers like Procter & Gamble and various pharmaceutical companies. After being told how to act and what to think about, I had enough. I worked for my Master’s in Holistic Nutrition and started down the path to opting out of the Matrix in order to achieve true health by supporting my body and mind. I used practices that are not talked about by mainstream media and your family doctor.

Studying Qigong, Biohacking, and more conspiracy theories than you’ve ever heard of brought me to realize that in many cases the media is lying to us. If you want to be optimally healthy you have to study secrets because the best practices are not generally public. I also found I had to experiment on myself to find out what really worked.

My goal is to bring back some of these secrets to share with you. We don’t want to be average, we want to be as healthy as humanly possible while we’re on this plane of reality. This is what I’m here to teach you. Information from ancient sages, spiritual masters, health experts, and the latest science thrown in with a bit of the occult (meaning hidden).

Follow along as we journey into unknown territory and bring back the things we all need to thrive in the crazy modern world.

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