Paul Carter has been in the iron game for almost 3 decades. In that time he has transformed himself
from a 98 pound teen who struggled to bench press an empty bar at his first workout, to squatting 660

pounds without a belt, deadlifting over 700 pounds, and overhead pressing 385 pounds. Paul has competed in both powerlifting and in the NPC in bodybuilding.

Paul has written for testosterone nation, Muscle and Strength, Flex,, Muscle and Fitness, Elitefts, and
Charles Poliquin. Paul has been featured in some of the biggest podcasts on the net for his coaching

expertise in both strength development and hypertrophy.

Paul has coached champion IFBB pros, elite powerlifters, MMA fighters, crossfit athletes, and worked
alongside experts such as John Meadows, Charles Poliquin, and powerlifting legend Ed Coan.

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