Kristin Rowell is a former trial lawyer turned Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and low-carb/ketogenic athlete. Kristin believes that each of us is responsible for taking control of our own health and longevity, and she firmly believes that doing so starts with tuning in and listening to the signals our bodies are always sending us. As a former high-stress business litigator turned FNTP, Kristin largely serves what she calls the “old” her: high achieving, stressed out professionals who strongly desire to prioritize their health and wellness but can’t seem to get out of their own way. The clients who hire Kristin are ready for transformational change, and she works closely with them to ensure that they are able to transform into the person they have always wanted to become. Kristin is an IPE Natural Professional Bodybuilder in the Figure Division, the NANBF’s 2018 Ms. Natural Minnesota (Figure), and she has run 25 marathons – her best of which she ran in 3:19 after going keto. Kristin speaks all over the country about nutrition and other wellness topics.

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